Forterro is recognized as an industry leader serving industrial SMEs around the globe with a series of specialized ERP companies. After several years of success and expansion, the Forterro team approached Hark with a “good” problem. This project was more than just a website re-design for Forterro. Forterro had become a cumulation of 9 international sub-brands: Sylob, Silog, ProConcept, Jeeves, Helios, Garp, Clip Industrie, BPSC, and Alcora. Each brand needed a new visual persona, logo, typeface, color palette, and so on. Hark was responsible for defining the unique identity of these 9 different brands while also uniting them as pieces of a greater whole under the Forterro umbrella.
Client of
Team Members: Jeffrey Harkness, Peter Dutile, Mari Caminiti, Chris Egner, Olin Davis, and Aimee Newman
My Role: Logo designs, designing branded collateral, information architecture, wireframes, web designs.
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